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AMA DISTRICT 2                                                                                         OCTOBER, 2008


Welcome back for another riding season!


Hello, all, and welcome back to another riding season with the Polar Bear Grand Tour!  We hope everyone’s summer has been good, and that you’re all raring to go for a bunch of good rides.  We hope the weather is good, with no rain or snow this season (at least on Sundays!), so we can make the runs without meteorological encumbrances.


Speaking of runs, one of our most short-lived runs, Sweetwater Casino, has burned down.  What a shock!  This business has been there since the 1950’s.  In its place for our Dec. 21st run is the Frog Rock Inn, 420 Boyer Ave, Hammonton, NJ 08037-2006, Ph: (609) 561-5504.




The new t-shirts and sweatshirts are in, and Jim Walter, our Quartermaster, has only ordered so many… when they’re gone, they’re gone – not going to order any more.  So get them while they’re hot – or cool, however you look at it.  It is, after all, a polar bear on a motorcycle.  :O)


Email, Snail Mail and communicating with the bears:


Please note:  If you did not receive an email or regular mail about the District 2 Rally, then Bob Hartpence, our Chairman, doesn’t have your correct email address or mailing address.  Please give Bob your current email (or snail mail if you prefer) address as soon as possible.


Bidding Adieu


For those of you who didn’t know, Barbara Zimmerman, who has served as Ride Coordinator for us for over a year has moved out of New Jersey.  She did a fine job as R.C. for the Polar Bears.  We’ll miss her bright smile and friendly personality.   

Welcome Aboard!


In connection with this subject, please welcome Ginny Maio as the new Ride Coordinator.  Ginny is a member of the Raritan Road Runners and the AMA district 2 secretary.  She’s very active in motorcycling.  I’m sure she’ll do an excellent job as Ride Coordinator.


In Memoriam:

Jane Ann Kern - Born in Bloomington, Ill., and lived in North Plainfield before moving to Freehold Township in 1966.  She made and cultivated friends wherever she went, including being a member of the Red Hat Society and a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  Surviving are her husband, Walt Kern, also a beloved member of the Polar Bears; two sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren.  Another beloved member of the Polar Bears lost; this time to a car accident.  We will miss her ready smile and her cheerful hugs at every run.

Walter Meisenbacher III, - age 54, of Brick, NJ Born in Point Pleasant, he resided in Brick most of his life, where he graduated from Brick High School. He was a 25 year valued member of the Oasis Ford Family, working as a Senior Master Technician. He enjoyed instructing Karate as a 3rd degree black belt, Monday night bowling and touring with friends and family on his Harley. He is survived by his wife, Dawn, also a member.  He was dearly loved and will be missed by all those fortunate to have made memories with him.  He was a popular member of the Polar Bears, and will be missed by many.


Barbara Sparks - long time member of Ocean Thunder HOG and (she and her husband, Danny were both) riders in the Polar Bear Grand Tour.  Barbara was killed when she and Danny were returning home from the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee when the trailer they were towing with their motorcycle went out of control and caused them to take a hard spill.  Barbara was killed instantly.  Danny remains in UPMC Presbyterian with major injuries.   He has lost one leg and has other serious injuries as well. Danny and Barbara were instrumental in the growth of Polar Bear riding popularity at Ocean Thunder HOG. 

Annual South Pole Party – Lewes, DE


Saturday night, 11/01/08, there will be the Annual South Pole Party at the IRISH EYES PUB & RESTAURANT, 213 Anglers Road, Lewes, DE   Phone: 302 645-6888

Directions:  From Rte. 9, turn Left onto Anglers Rd; go past Fisherman's Wharf to the end of the road. IRISH EYES PUB & RESTAURANT is on the left.  There will be food, beverages and a band.  

A quote from Irish Eyes Pub:  After 20 years in the business, Irish Eyes is guaranteed to do it right! Stop by after work for our happy hour specials. Discover a new band at our Saturday evening showcase. Bring the family in for our delicious, reasonably priced meals. Kids love our food!


Upcoming runs you don’t want to miss!


Montgomeryville Cycle Center will have lots of good food for us, and they have proven they aim to please – they’ve even gone out and gotten more food so we wouldn’t go hungry.  Outstanding!


Schoch’s Harley-Davidson has also gone the extra measure to see we get great food.  Rose always makes a big pot of her own split pea soup, and she won’t let anyone else cook it.  She also provides other food, as well as sheet cakes.  To do this, she gets up at 5 AM and starts cooking. 


Please do make these runs, as both these shops put forth great effort to see the Bears get well fed.  If you can’t come by bike, Bob requests you come by car, since they go to such trouble to make us feel welcome. Please also thank them for all their efforts.  


The Cabin (toy run) Of course, the main reason for this run is to collect (unwrapped) toys and personal items for the Valerie Fund Children.  Many of us drive in our cars for this run because it’s so special, we don’t want to miss giving our toys for the kids.  And others of us have such large toys, they just won’t fit on the bike. 

Life Members – give them a cheer!


Jules Tischler & William Horton have both been awarded 30 year Certificates – Life Membership – in the Polar Bear Grand Tour!  Congratulations to these venerable members, and give them a cheer the next time you see them.


Ride safe and enjoy - We hope all the membership enjoys a safe, carefree riding season this year for 08-09.  Please take care and ride safe, as the courtesy you show others can be a fine reflection of the Polar Bear Grand Tour… one of the best riding groups around!


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