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AMA DISTRICT 2                PB Newsletter 08-09 Winter-Spring          JANUARY, 2009


Thank you!


The staff would like to thank everyone who participated in the Toy Run at the Cabin.  We set a new record of members and amount valued.  The Valerie Fund has reported that the amount of toys we contributed to be valued at $15,500.00.  We had Barry Kirschner, who is the Executive Director of the Valerie Fund, there with his fiancée, and he was very impressed with the membership, their bikes, and the amount of toys that was contributed.  Barry said that all of the Polar Bear Members should give themselves a big pat on the back, because we are far and away the largest donator of toys of all 6 parties that donate toys to the Fund.  Also, the Ramapo Motorcycle Club donated a check for $875.00 to the Valerie Fund.  Way to go, Ramapo!


More Donations


On our ride to the Knights of Columbus – the profits they made were contributed to the Covenant House.  They were able to contribute $187.00 profit from the food that we purchased from them to Covenant House.  So, when you go there and eat, they don’t keep the profits, but donate it, so we thank you for that.


The Yin and the Yang


So far, this riding season, the weather has been back and forth; we were lucky there for a while that the bad weather was occurring during the week, and not on Sundays.  On the ride to Schoch’s Harley-Davidson, the weather was bad, but we still had a fairly decent turn-out.  Mrs. Schoch did her usual fantastic job on the food.  She had chili, and her famous pea soup.  She had sheet cakes and coffee.  There was plenty of food and it was all free. 


The following week, we had the run to Montgomeryville Cycle Center.  The weather was not great, but not really bad, and a lot of members were able to make it.  BJ’s wife made chili and used 75 lbs. of ground beef, and we finished all of the chili.  They had hot dogs, and couldn’t believe how many hot dogs the members ate.  They had to send out twice for more hot dogs!  But there was plenty of food for everyone, and plenty of sales.  They sent an email thanking us for attending.  We are the only group that he will open his shop especially for – no other cycle group enjoys this privilege – and he enjoys having us there.  And it’s nice when we have a big attendance and show our appreciation.


On December 21st, 2008, we had our first ride to Frog Rock Inn and Country Club in Hammonton, NJ.  The weather was very bad, with icy roads, so we didn’t have a very big turn-out.  We’d like to thank the members who did turn out and support them, as they are a catering service, and not a restaurant, and they did cater a very nice meal for us.  The members that did come were very happy with the place, and we’re looking forward to going back next year.  Even though we didn’t have a great turn-out, they are willing to do it again next year – hopefully the weather will be better, and we’ll have a nice turn-out.  This is a new stop, and we should try to support that.


The following week, we had the run to DeThomasi’s East Five Points Inn in Vineland.  The weather was decent and we had a big turn-out.  They had an Italian buffet for $10.00 upstairs where sign-in was, and they a breakfast buffet downstairs.  They did a very nice job, the food was great, and you couldn’t beat the price.  So hopefully, we’ll continue to have a great turn-out for that run; we usually have a great turn-out for DeThomasi’s.


Important Notice!


We’ll be going to Club Dix on Feb. 1, 2009.  If anyone is bringing any rider who is not a member, please submit their names to Bob Hartpence by Jan 18th (which is the Flying W Airport run).  Bob has to turn a list in, and anyone who isn’t on the list will not be allowed on the base.  Please get the names to Bob.


Some Upcoming Rides


March 22, 2009, is the run to Brian’s Harley-Davidson in Langhorne, PA.  This is a ride that you definitely don’t want to miss.  They do a fantastic job supplying free food, and they do a very nice job parking the riders, guiding traffic, and handling everything.  So, let’s make that ride a nice turn-out.


Help!  Please!


Ginny Maio, our Ride Coordinator, regrets to inform us that she just has too many things going to keep doing the job of Ride Coordinator.  We’re asking for volunteers for the job.  You know what they say, “It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it.”  Well, we will thank you!  So anyone who is interested in being Ride Coordinator, please see Bob Hartpence.




We just wanted to update the members on Danny Sparks since his accident.  He is getting along very well now, and in good spirits.  As soon as we have contact info, we’ll pass it along for members who want to send cards or letters of encouragement.


Dinner Tickets Ready


The Annual Dinner-Dance tickets are available – see your flight leaders for tickets.  For those of you who are new, the Dinner-Dance is held at the Old Bridge Knights of Columbus in Old Bridge, NJ.  It includes a buffet dinner, open bar, and enter-tainment.  Make sure you get your dinner tickets early.  They’re $35.00 a person with a limit of 300 tickets.  No one will be allowed in without a ticket in advance.  The capacity of the Knights of Columbus is 300.  If you have made 30 points during the riding season, you will get your money back when you go to the dinner-dance. 


Membership sign-up


We have reached the maximum that we have set for membership for this year, and we have new people who want to join every year.  So if you want to be sure of membership next year, you can sign up early, either on line or there will be applications available for you to sign up.  If you do sign up, it’s $18.00 for AMA Members and $20.00 for Non-AMA.  But wait - if you sign up before the end of August, it’s $18.00 for Non-AMA and $15.00 for AMA Members.  If you have any questions, please see one of the staff members regarding the tickets.

Let’s Promote Motorcycling

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, so we need more bikes out there on the roads in May – we need to be more visible – out there.  Also, on May 3, 2009, AMA District 2 and ABATE will be having a function to promote motorcycling and make people in general more aware of motorcyclists.  We Polar Bears do our part on Sundays, as people go by us in their cars in total astonishment that we’re even out there in the cold weather.  But we need to promote motorcycling all year ‘round, especially in May.  As soon as more information about the AMA District 2 & ABATE event is available, we’ll pass it on.  Which brings me to a reminder…

Email Addys

Anyone who hasn’t given their email addresses to Bob is missing out on a lot of information.  He sends out flyers about rides and info you can use, not only Polar Bear info.  And any updates he has between Newsletters is liable to be furnished via email.  So please give Bob you email addy if you haven’t already. If you want to be added to the list e-mail your name, flight and e-mail address to bear1733@comcast.net

Here’s hoping the rest of the riding season is rain and snow free, and no ice on the roads!  That’s the least Mother Nature can do, right?   :O)   Ride safe and enjoy the rest of the PB season!

                                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                                          Debbie Simpkins                                                                                                 Newsletter Editor