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AMA DISTRICT 2                PB Newsletter 08-09 Winter-Spring            March, 2010



Brrrr.. Did somebody say snow?


I believe all the members will agree we had more than our share of snow this year.  It became cumbersome for some of us to just get out of our driveways, let alone out on the roads – some of which were quite treacherous.  Our driveway was a sheet of ice for a number of weeks, and it didn’t seem like we’d ever get out with the bikes!  My vote for the remainder of this Polar Bear season and the entire next season is no snow!  At least not enough to keep us Polar Bears stuck in the garage… All in favor, say, “Yea!”


Membership sign-up


The maximum membership is 550 members.  We reached that amount by the second ride this year, so if you want to be ensured of your membership next year, please sign up early.  You can email Bob, or there will be applications available at the Flight Leaders’ tables.  If you do sign up, it’s $18.00 for AMA Members and $20.00 for Non-AMA.  But wait - if you sign up before the end of August, 2010, it’s $18.00 for Non-AMA and $15.00 for AMA Members.   


Jay Adams


Jay Adams, a polar bear member for 18 years, passed away February 3, 2010. His wife, Arlene - also a member - needs our help. Jay did not have life insurance.  Arlene will put her house up for sale, but she needs to make the mortgage payments so she doesn’t lose the house. Bob will be collecting donations until the end of Polar Bear season.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.  There will be collection jars at the Flight Leaders’ tables, and Bob will be running a 50/50 to help Arlene.



Email addresses

With the weather we’ve had this year, we had to make some changes in the schedule.  This is why it is very important that you give Bob your e-mail address. Every Saturday night or early Sunday morning, you should check your e-mail for any changes.  If Bob doesn’t have your e-mail address, then you’ll need to call A.M.A. District # 2 Phone # 908 722-0128 for any cancellations.

Anyone who hasn’t given their email address to Bob is also missing out on lots of information!  He sends out flyers about rides and info you can use, not only Polar Bear info, but summer rides as well.  Any updates he has between Newsletters is usually sent out to the members via email.  So please give Bob your email addy if you haven’t already. 

The Dinner-Dance


The Annual Dinner-Dance is April 24, 2010 - tickets are now available – see your flight leaders for tickets.  For those of you who are new, the Dinner-Dance is held at the Old Bridge Knights of Columbus in Old Bridge, NJ.  It includes a buffet dinner, open bar, and entertainment.  The entertainment will not be R rated.  We have a very good Juggler/ Magician/Comedian this year.  We also have a D.J. to play a wide variety of music.  Make sure you get your dinner tickets early.  They’re $35.00 a person with a limit of 300 tickets.  No one will be allowed in without a ticket in advance.  The capacity of the Knights of Columbus is 300.  If you have made 30 points during the riding season, you will get your money back when you go to the dinner-dance.  If you would like to bring a friend or some of your club members, you can purchase tickets for them.


Some Upcoming Rides


March 21, 2010, is the run to Brian’s Harley-Davidson in Langhorne, PA.  This is a ride that you definitely don’t want to miss.  They do a fantastic job supplying free food, and they do a very nice job parking the riders, guiding traffic, and handling everything.  So, let’s make that ride a nice turn-out.



03/28/10 PIC-A-LILI INN 866 RTE. 206 Shamong, NJ 609-268-2066

www.picalilli.com This in place of The Flying Cloud Café in Atlantic City.


Extra Points Run


Extra points:  A.M.A. District 2 Corn Boil - August 15, 2010  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 350 Woodside Lane, Bridgewater, NJ.  Bob will email you more information as the time gets closer.


Polar Bear Decal


We’re working on a Polar Bear Decal.  It will be reflective, so light will reflect off of it and make you more visible to other motorists – we need all the help we can get!  The decals should be ready – at the latest – for the next Polar Bear season.  


Be Safe!

Hope to see you at the Dinner-Dance!  Looking forward, as ever, to the next season of Polar Bear runs.  Meanwhile, please ride safe and enjoy the ride!  And no big snows for next season!  I can dream, can’t I?   :O)

                                                                             Respectfully submitted,

                                                                             Debbie Simpkins                                                                    

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Hi there fellow Polar Bears, 


I've enjoyed meeting all of you at all the Polar Bear Sites. 

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