April 10, 2005 - Brian's Harley-Davidson - Langhorn, PA Pictures

Well, what can I say. Brian's H-D was just a great place for a Polar Bear run.

Where else can you find an elevator to lift you up to the second floor where a meeting room and outside dining area awaited us with outdoor grills setup and free food ready. Four Hooters Girls were there too, as you'll see.

Parking was in two places and there were people directing traffic to get you to a parking place.

The building is new. It sits on a majestic location with a curved sidewalk all around.

Inside, free drinks and food were ready. Brian's complete staff seemed to be on hand with 10% discounts on most everything.

If you missed it -- and not many did -- you missed a good one.

See ya at the Polar Bear Dinner on April 30, 2005. If not, have a great summer and we'll see you again for the next Polar Bear season.

View at Brian's H-D from the secondary parking lot across the street, where I parked.
This Buick Special (3 portholes) caught my eye as I approached the building.
From Brian's parking lot looking over at the other parking lot across the street
As many as 6 or 7 people were directing traffic.
Four Hooters Girls have arrived with Hooters food.
Da Place
Sign of Welcome
Hooters Girls are here.
Almost like a college campus
I found Pink 1 in the last possible parking spot all the way around to the far side of the place.
Inside, Bob is looking for the Hooters Girls.
Our Staff before the rush. The Books hadn't arrived yet.
Ah, the wait was worth it as Bob poses in the rooftop dining area with two Hooters Girls.
The rooftop dining area.
Looking Good!
I got requests for pictures today. They wanted a picture to remember their last Polar Bear ride of the season.
The long shaded walk to the entrance. Note the picnic tables along the way.
Another request.
Polar Bear members taking in the view from the lookout area of the dining deck at Brian's.
Still a few riders arriving from the southbound direction of Flowers Mill Road.

This is Marlene's bike, just painted. It was getting a lot of attention. Here are four pictures for your enjoyment.

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