April 1, 2007 - Brian's Harley-Davidson - Langhorne, PA Pictures

As I was putting my camera in my trike in my garage, I could hear the rain drops hitting the roof and windows and it was a bit chilly. For an instant, I thought I would take the car but then decided to ride. I put the top of my rainsuit on over all my usual winter gear and took the trike out of the garage in 40 degree temperatures. There was no rain all the way to Brian's and none on the way back either.

I would say that attendance was lower than in previous years. There's only one more run, to Cape May on April 15th. We skip next week.

There are seven short videos.

Hiding in plain sight
Just opened for business
Early birds get to park in the main lot
Waitin' for more bikes

Video: Spokes-Women Perfection

Video: Two bikes entering lot

Video: Silent Wing departing

Video: Group entering the lot

Video: Three departing Brian's

Video: Bumblebee

Video: Hug

No Polar Bear run next week. See you on April 15th at Cape May, NJ for the last run of the season.

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