December 17, 2006 - The Cabin

This was the annual Polar Bear Grand Tour Toy Run. There was a big turnout as the temperatures were in the 50s and the sky was clear.

Mack poses with Jane who has just taken her first motorcycle ride
since having her knee replaced.
Poised for a quick getaway
Riders brought gobs of presents for the children
Santa mascot
Leo with a toy for the children
Chaining two old Harleys together
Front view
Nicely decorated Harley trike
Nicely decorated Wing trike
Did I mention we had a few bikes here today?
Santa's sleigh being towed by a Wing trike
Santa's helper delivers toys for the children
Toys were stacked high
Dave Cushing is back from knee replacement surgery.
The Ramapo Motorcycle Club presents Bob with a check for $800
for the Valerie Fund to benefit the Children's Hospital.
Liz Smith with her new VTX1300
This is the "chain" bike that has tool boxes for saddlebags.
Joe is almost ready to leave with his Ural.
Ural have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We'll see Ural at the 5 Points Inn on January 7th.

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