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This was the annual Polar Bear Grand Tour Toy Run. Toys and money were donated to the Valerie Fund. It rained beyond belief. Attendance was sparse but many came in cars as well to bring gifts for the Children's Hospital.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Polar Bear artist and newsletter editor, Debbie, has the Christmas spirit.
Bill and Nancy with first grandson
The stack of presents is growing.
Drying out
Rain, rain go away
There was lakeside parking.
Mascot pleads with the rain gods for mercy.
Prepare for wet feet.
Blue, Red, and Black made it.
One solution for a wet seat
Everyone brought a gift.

The following pictures are courtesy of Bill Marion.

Hooking up the electrics for the ride back
There was no unnecessary standing around today.
These folks were under the canopy.
Thumbs up for visibility
The Christmas bike was looking for snow, not rain.
Natalie and Jim playing their reindeer games.
A Cabin close-order parking drill
Debbie and Clyde bearing gifts
Elf, Bob, tries to figure out how to stuff all the toys into his pickup.
Heading home in the never-stopping rain
A big bag of toys
Bill and Nancy's daughter with her son in -- what else -- polar bear pajamas.
Thanks for all the gifts for the Children's Hospital.

YouTube Video:

Video 1: BMW Rain Riders

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