October 29, 2006 - Cape May, NJ

Here are some pictures from the first riding event of the Polar Bear Grand Tour for the 2006-2007 season. There were 50 mph winds today after a big storm yesterday. Didn't seem to deter many. Our oldest member, Leo, 90, was seen leading his group down the Parkway. Man, it's hard to keep up with Leo.

We followed these Polar Bear riders down the Garden State Parkway for awhile and Jane took some pictures of them.
Never realized that the antennas would do that.
Nice fall scene.
We come alongside of the same riders.
Nice red scooter.
Don't get much chatter from this pillion rider.
I saw many Knights of Fire riders today.
Color coordinated
Street scene
First sign-in of the season
Nancy has a headache today.
Chairman Bob with his register Mob.

Feature of the Week - Very interesting use of chains. Reminded me a little of Indian Larry's Chain bike.

Riders ambling up the street from their bikes to sign-in.
"Well, are you ready to ride through that wind one more time?"

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