April 15, 2007 - Cape May, NJ

The last run for the Polar Bear Grand Tour season was to Cape May, NJ. It was on the same day that one of the worst Nor'easters decided to strike the entire East Coast. Rains dumping from 3-9 inches of rain and winds that sometimes reached 50 mph pelted the region forcing many travelers from the roads. However, a few intrepid riders made it to Cape May -- I was not one of them.

The following pictures were taken by Johnnydale Bowlan a member of our Connecticut group that has made a strong commitment to perfect attendance and showing up on their motorcycles, no matter what. Congratulations for giving the rest of us something to strive for.

Our dedicated flight leaders and Chairman were also there as usual.

Bob tells me that maybe 75-100 people made it to Cape May, mostly in cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you made it to Cape May on your motorcycle, you could make it anywhere.

Bob waits for arrivals inside where it's dry.
The lunch staff has a big supply of food ready.
Very happy to have arrived in one piece.
Connecticut is here.
Hey, come on down. No crowds.
Looking the other way
Guarding the entrance
The huddled mass of motorcycles
Nancy and Rich
Can you top this? This Connecticut rider's record speaks for itself.

See you at the Polar Bear Dinner or next season.

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