January 7, 2007 - De Thomasi's East 5 Points Inn Pictures

In the East, temperatures had been hovering near 70 degrees the last few days. Today, the temperature dropped 20 degrees so most Polar Bears were bundled up.

Jane gives holiday gift to Bill and Nancy. Bill gets Nancy on phone. Jane talks to Nancy.
Ain't technology great?
Arriving riders circle Lake De Thomasi. (I kid you not, that lake is always there in the parking lot.)
More of the same group enjoying Lake De Thomasi.
Weepy co-rider?
Moto Guzzi and Ducati make good winter bikes too.
There were numerous huge groups of riders pulling into the parking lot.
I saw the RN on the tank and under it, Registered Nurse.
And here she is. When she's not in the ER, she's on her Sportster.
Let's see. Which button should I push first? Decisions, decisions.
I was seeing some very large groups outside today.
I think these two bikes had the same electrician.
What I got when I took a picture over my head -- a lot of bikes.
Now this is mildly interesting. The BMW guys all pulled across the road into a line
waiting to leave together. But...
The Harley guys decided to all line up facing the road in a row so they could all pull out together
and make a fast left turn in formation. Different strokes for different Polar Bears.

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