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The 75 mile trip from Monroe had varying road conditions. Sometimes the road was clear. Then suddenly there was a patch of snow across the road. Then the wind blew right-to-left forming a partial snow bank right ahead of you. A motorist honked at me as I approached a section of 206 where there is a passing lane. The slow lane was covered with snow. The passing lane was clear. I stayed in the passing lane but the guy behind me felt I should risk my life and get out of his way. Have you ever noticed that when the roads are rain-slick or covered with snow, many drivers go faster than under optimum conditions? Such was the case on this trip. I just wanted to be safe.

At the destination, it was very windy and cold. The street leading up to the place was covered with snow as one of my videos shows. Not many arrived by noon -- that is by bike. Inside, many were having lunch and enjoying themselves.

Walter Kern
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Staff just waitin'
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Setting up
Snow? What snow?
Stayin' warm is all it takes
Scooters too
Easy to find a parking place
Two-ups too
Three together

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: No bikes yet

Video 2: Backing into the slush

Video 3: A few bikes

Video 4: Windy conditions

Video 5: Hearty soul

Video 6: Movin' slow

Video 7: Well, hello there

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