February 6, 2005 - The Exchange - Rockaway, NJ

Very warm for Super Bowl Sunday. Temperature around 45 degrees. Lots of Polar Bears out today. They were parking in the street, behind the place, next door and other assorted parking areas. Not enough room inside so many just stood around outside.

Riders from the west.
Riders from the east.
Polar Bears arrive at the Exchange.
What's this across the street?
Cows, Lions and Lambs to go with us Bears.
Surely you don't mean us?
Barbara of the Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club sells
chocolate motorcycles and other delicacies to benefit
the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
She'll be at future Polar Bear runs too. Look for her
and help support these important charities.
Carol says that she now has armrests
on her trike.
And there they are.
Sorry, none of us will be able to attend.
Porch people
Lucky. Found a place to park right in front.
He caught my eye through a chain-link fence.
The leader starts out.
Love a Polar Bear White Harley.

Tailgunner out
These guys rode in today like this.
True Polar Bears.
(thanks to Bob Hartpence for this picture)
Group getting ready to head back.

... and I heard him exclaim...
Happy Super Bowl to All.

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