February 4, 2007 - The Exchange - Rockaway, NJ

It was definitely a cold day today. Temperatures were under 20 degrees and the wind chill was near zero. Not too many showed up. I saw lots of SUVs in the parking lot. It's Super Bowl Sunday.

The place where I warmed up my feet
It was the coldest 65 mile ride I ever had. But, the trike never complained once.
It did, however, toss me around in the wind a few times.
There were six other bikes keeping me company in the back lot -- four shown here.
Most riders chose to park in the front on the street.
These three bikes, in the next door lot, represented most of the bike brands
that showed up today.
A Harley Lehman Trike in the lot next door. Wonder what the new
Harley-branded Lehman Trike will look like.
This scooter sure doesn't look like the Cushman I rode in high school.
Covering up before the ride back. Believe me, it was necessary today.
Some parked in the sun while these folks liked the shade. Brrr
Ready for a quick getaway

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