January 28, 2007 - Fort Dix Club Pictures

The day was overcast and about 40 degrees after an overnight light rain. There was a bit of room in the parking lot and a lot of room in the dining area. Perhaps some Bears stayed home today or already have their 30 points?

I like the way the seat on this Victory is styled right into the rest of the bike.
The Victory also has a really fat tire.
Is it going to Daytona?
Leo holding court. We had a cake here last year to celebrate his 90th birthday. His 91st must be close.
This fellow cleans his windshield with gusto.
Bill and Kate Dudley just out for a ride on a nice winter day.
Bill's riding the Moto Guzzi.
Hangin' on and lovin' it!
Honda? ... We don't need no stinkin' Hondas.
OK, does this mean it always goes first and leads the way or
it's so full of lead that it always goes last?
Obviously, these two bikes go together.

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