March 4, 2007 - Fire House Eatery - Rahway, NJ Pictures

Temperatures were hovering around 35 degrees with a stiff wind. When we got to the Fire House, there were tiny specks of snow in the air. Then the flakes got real big. That only seemed to last about ten minutes and it was gone. Bears appeared en mass and filled the restaurant. The food was good, as usual.

I have two short videos today.

Six Motorcycles Arriving - Short Video

Those big snow flakes I was talking about are readily apparent in this scene.
Classy BMW R60
Parking in the back lot
No fire truck anymore -- just a painting
Ms. Pink
Admiring the machine
Ms. Pink and friends
Honk if you like my horns

Introducing the Elvis Bike
The King
"I'm Movin' On"

Sittin' on the Boss (Hoss)
V-Strom is a nice but uncommon Polar Bear ride.
Mack is ready for a quick getaway with a mean left turn. Play Video.

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