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It started out cold around 29 degrees but warmed up a bit to near 40. The skies were clear and the Polar Bears came from every direction to fill all available parking around the Hillbilly Hall (last year called Mignella's).

The place has changed names and owners.
I arrived early to find three scooters, one triked with a Voyager kit.
Jane poses with Mack and Karen. All three frequent my Motorcycle Views forum.
Yellow sort of attracts the eye.
The King rocks on.
New member Barbara (Blondie) also rocks with her Santa helmet and pillion Santa.
Wonder of wonders! I arrived before Chairman Bob and his sign-in staff.
The back lot is starting to fill.

Video: Group arriving

Video: Another group arriving

Video: Group sitting waiting to get into jammed parking lot

Getting into the parking lot was a little slow today.
Some pulled down the street, turned around and headed for the grassy areas.
Santa pulled into the grassy area in this video, then pulled back into the street to park.
I think I found the place!
Leo arrives in this video, parks up front, and surveys the crowd.
Lots of fun on that gravel back lot.

Video: In the back nestled among all the bikes I found the Music Man.

I received a request to take a picture of the painting on the back of this bike.
The owner is leaving but will stop to let me take the picture out of the sun.
Thanks for your request.
Departing, watching out for all that gravel
Men in Black
Triumph Row
This is an 8-Ball Shifter. The owner told me via email: "It isn't for show. It's used to GO!
It's custom, works great and, is mainly used for (Right Handed) downshifting.
Why you may ask? In short... A spinal cord injury left me with a 'drop foot.'"
There was a certain amount of mass confusion as riders tried to enter and leave simultaneously.

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