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Rosemarie and I arrived about 10:45 a.m. to the sight of quite a few motorcycles. We wore our new Gerbing electric jackets and gloves just to try them out. With the weather nice and blue skies, a big turnout was expected and it happened. There were just too many bikes. Polar Bears were standing around everywhere in groups.There were delays getting in and getting out. Check out the pictures and YouTube videos to see what you missed. Bill Marion also took pictures and I selected a few of his at the end.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Leo arrives. See YouTube video
Two sportbikes arriving
Rosemarie hanging out with Leo while I take pictures
Definitely better than Bad
I had not heard of this so here's a link.
GWRRA Chapter NJ-F (F Troop) members, Dan and Mary
F Troop member, Barbara (Blondie), defeating helmet hair
Lovin' riding 2-up
Yes folks, it's gravel.
Rider groups were everywhere today.
More groups
The Hillbilly Hall is being invaded.
Even Bob has trouble getting across the entrance road.
Many gave up as they approached and just pulled over on the grass.
Nice couple -- might make a great picture for a holiday card.
The view approaching in thick traffic. See YouTube video.
You need a traffic cop. See YouTube video.
Harley-Davidson riders are in the majority.
They were searching for a Torx driver to make a quick repair.
Hillbilly Hall neighbor (former rider) in SUV liked seeing so many motorcycles.
Gravel gabfest
Most visible rider in the crowd
Bob is always milling around outside.
Jersey Girl's mascots complete the polar experience.
There were many women riders today.
Cycle-Paths rider.
"They also serve who only stand and wait." - On His Blindness by John Milton

The following pictures courtesy of Bill Marion:

A naked bike masquarading as an army tank
Gravel? What gravel?
Yes, did I say that there was a lot of gravel?

Additional YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Early birds

Video 2: Waiting to get in

Video 3: Who let that truck in?

Video 4: Take a ride on the gravel

Video 5: It vibrates

Video 6: Forming up

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