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It was 28 degrees in Freehold as I left this morning. It warmed up a bit to around 40 degrees and lots of Polar Bears took the road. Someone was actually out front directing riders to the various places to park.

I had a nice ride today except my trike died halfway into my garage. I'm guessing that I may have a new alternator in my future.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Just the usual confusion
Some park while others just want to go
There's nothing like a good cigar
Now where did I leave that reindeer?
The usual BMW cluster
The inspectors
Study in pink, lime, and orange
Parking for those also wanting to take a walk
20 years ago when I bought my first new bike, a Nighthawk 750,
I thought it was big
Nice "QQ" Buick follows Polar Bears down the hill

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Park anywhere you can

Video 2: Four exit

Video 3: Watch that gravel

Video 4: Take a walk in the woods

Video 5: A fun time was had by all

Video 6: You're going to be on that website

Video 7: Be careful

Video 8: Exit right

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