November 5, 2006 - Lewes, DE

Since Jane is awaiting surgery for a complete left knee replacement on Election Day, we took the car down to Lewes, DE on Saturday. Jane did some shopping in town, and we met lots of Polar Bears doing the same thing. Six of us went out to dinner and had a great time. Then we went to the Lighthouse for drinks. Ours were soft. We had a great group at the Lighthouse and spent lots of time telling stories and catching up on each others lives. On Sunday, the rest of the Polar Bears rode into town and I took a few pictures, as usual.

View from our motel room at the Beacon Motel
Little Guy and Big Guy
Happy Harley rider
His and Hers from Knights of Fire
View from the bridge of sign-in (blue roof)
Our leader, Bob, looking for something
Jack Riepe (bio), writer, comedian, leader of Perdition's Socks
Mack, brought Jack Riepe with him today. Mack would rather be riding with Karen.
Jane and Jack. Jane once fixed Jack's zipper.
This Triumph had a steady gas leak out the overflow pipe. You can probably see the drops in mid air.
For a second there, I thought it was still Halloween.
Four bikes from Connecticut
25 Harleys arriving over the bridge from one club.
One of those 25 Harleys was a great looking DFT (Darn Fine Trike) trike.
The DFT owner is a member of Ocean Thunder. They have special shirts since all 25 riders are Polar Bears.
Some riders prefer sidecars. This was very striking.
A Polar Bear rider heads out on his Polar White (and blue) Harley.

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