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I rode down alone to Lewes, DE on Saturday. The weather was perfect coming down. Temperatures hovered near 72 degrees. I stayed overnight at the Beacon Motel where many other Polar Bears were staying. We all took in the South Pole Party. On Sunday, the weather had changed so temperatures were 20 degrees cooler and there was a stiff cold breeze. We still got a great turnout. A group of GWRRA Chapter F (F-Troop) riders came down Sunday and I joined them for the ride back. I love riding in a group -- no thinking involved with great leads and drags safely transporting you down the road. Thanks guys.

Early birds
Leo makes his entrance.
They requested to have their picture on the Internet. Here it is.
Our stalwart flight leaders in their new yellow Polar Bear shirts await customers.
The view of the sign-in area from the bridge.

The parking lot fills.
The secondary parking lot fills slowly.
Barbara (Blondie) beams after F-Troop has arrived.

Color me Punkin Chunkin
This gentleman wanted me to take his picture.
He expressed his condolences on the passing of my wife, Jane,
and said he knew her and liked her a lot.
I thank him and everyone else who stopped me to express their condolences too.
Your concern meant much to me and I thank you all, sincerely.
She was loved.


Video 1: Rob and Chrissy are Rockin'

Video 2: Bikes arriving over the bridge

Video 3: F-Troop has arrived

Video 4: Debbie & Clyde depart

Video 5: Dan gives a lecture

Video 6: Mass exodus

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