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Rosemarie and I rode down to Lewes, DE on Saturday. Since neither of us had ever taken the Cape May - Lewes Ferry, we decided to give it a try. We had the only motorcycle aboard for the 1 p.m. trip. The wind was fierce and the seas were choppy.

We took in the South Pole Party at the Irish Eyes Pub with Debbie and Clyde as the temperatures remained in the 70s. The food was excellent and many patrons came in Halloween costumes. There was a great band.

On Sunday, the weather had changed so temperatures were 20 degrees cooler and there was a stiff breeze and some annoying sprinkles of rain. We took the ferry back to Cape May, had a much more controlled voyage, and talked the whole way across with a congenial woman who invited us to share her table.

This week's pictures reveal elements of Halloween, mascots, and glimpses of the ferry.

I had to leave by 11:45 so I missed many of you. I expect to be around much longer at Old Bridge.

Pictures at the end are courtesy of Bob Hartpence.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views

View from the ferry, the Delaware, moving out from Cape May
Another ferry view
Looking back at the Cape May port
Rough Seas (see video)
Getting ready to drive off the ferry
Jim Walter's home away from home
Who else but Leo
Riders park haphazardly getting used to the new destination, Irish Eyes.
Bob, resplendent with his many pins
Riders line up at the sign-in
The gravel was an unwelcome surprise for some.
Superbear is here.
Tiniest polar bear at Irish Eyes
Great retro Harley Springer owned by rider who reminded me of a younger Stephen King.
A Boulevard full of spooks
Spooked Wing
GWRRA Chapter NJ-D awaits the rest of their members.
Poppy with his signature hat.
Carol shows off her mascot.
I turned around and there she was, Miss Spooktacular.
With his long flowing black hair, this polar bear turned heads and a cop too.
20-25 bikes line up for the ferry trip back to Cape May
We were next to a tour bus filled with people.
Bikes were placed in the front on the right...
and on the left...
and they placed me dead center in the front of the ferry, the New Jersey


Video 1: Interior of the ferry

Video 2: Hondas arriving

Video 3: More arrivals

Video 4: We're outta here

The following pictures are courtesy of Bob Hartpence.

This is John Kammerer from CT. He made his 30 points today.
He gave blood four times and came to the District Two summer event for points.
This is our new destination in Lewes, DE.
View of bikes on gravel
Bob and Miss Spooktacular

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