February 11, 2007 - Land Slide Saloon

It was warmer than last week but not much. The temperatures were around 25 degrees but it was clear and sunny. There was a great turnout. I spied the chocolate donuts inside the door and had two for a buck each. A year ago, this ride was cancelled because of the "Blizzard of 2006."

Polar Bears are arriving one by one...
and in groups...
to gradually fill the parking lot at the Landslide Saloon.
This Wing bucked the trend and parked perpendicular to everyone else.
Rows of bikes just magically appear.
This mascot was heard to say, "Now that is one beautiful trike!"

Mack Harrell's bike celebrates eating and wrenching but...
I also found a lot of smokin' going on.
This bike's owner has a special honored place for his cigars.
Plenty of Polar Bears were smokin' their favorite stogies today.
Along with cigars, many Polar Bears were eatin' up a storm munching on pastries.
Cigars and coffee
Chili is good too.
Mack enjoys his pipe while he takes some candid pictures.

More arrivals
Just standin' around enjoying the day. Many people just didn't want to leave.
Twin Hippo Hands
A Venture sandwiched between a Wing and a Beemer

Blue - Yellow - Orange: We have color for awhile.
Black - Black - Black: Tradition never goes out of style.
Yellow on a Victory: The new kid with a smile.

It may be cold but no one cares. We're all Polar Bears.
My pictures can't be bought... but this mirror my likeness has caught.
Headin' back home down the hill. Hooters next week is on the bill... 'nuf rhymin'

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