March 11, 2007 - Long Valley Pub & Brewery - Long Valley, NJ Pictures

This was the first year for this stop at the foot of Schooleys Mountain. They have a big paved parking lot and the food was great. The weather was sunny and clear but a little chilly at this elevation. The temperature in Freehold was nearly 55 degrees today. Here it was closer to 45.

Many of these pictures have great mountain backgrounds.

There are six short videos at the end.

Polar Bears are starting to arrive
There's always a certain amount of standing around
"A bottle of red, a bottle of white
It all depends upon your appetite
I'll meet you any time you want
In our Italian Restaurant."
-- "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," Billy Joel
Who is that young man?
It's not your father's BMW.
Barbara with chocolate on her mind.
My choices for most medals on a vest.
Some just relaxed on the patio and dreamed of summer.
I wanna grow up to be a big HOG.
This Moto Guzzi is caked with road salt. It traveled down from New Hampshire.

Deb, Clyde, and I just learning of the death of Bill Marion's sister.
All Polar Bears offer their condolences to Bill and his family.

Video: Barbara arriving on her PC

Video: Four Harleys arriving

Video: Beemer approaches, slows, stops, and waits for buddies

Video: Mack arriving. Last week, I got him leaving.

Video: Mass exodus

Video: Debbie and Clyde leaving. You can hear Deb and me talking.

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