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Today was the day after the big coastal rain and wind storm. It was very windy out and cold. It's colder here than where I started in Freehold.

When I got to the parking lot at 11:10, it was already filled with motorcycles. On the way home, I took 206 South but encountered a storm detour as I went through the Route 1 circle outside Princeton. I had to head north on Route 1 where I promptly got lost. The GPS was my savior, especially the Home button.

Our destination with Schooley's Mountain in the background.
Red always attracts red.

This is a 1974 restored Volkswagen owned by a Polar Bear member.
He used it to get one point today. He was a bit under the weather today and
chose not to ride. I also owned a '74 -- a white one -- but it got war-torn from
teenage use. I once wrote an article about all my Bugs upon the announcement
that VW was shutting down production of the Beetle at its Puebla, Mexico plant.
It was nice to see a good-looking '74 again even if it was wearing a "QQ" tag.
(I once owned a '33 Chevrolet 2-door sedan with QQ plates.)

Here's a video I took called: The Bug Talks
Here's another video that shows: Action Around the Bug

What did we do before we had trunks?
Ready to go through any weather condition.
Enter here. Not much activity on the patio today.
Sky, mountain, trees, and motorcycles -- What could be better?
8 is enough to solve any polar bear problem.
Bob is always without hat, gloves, and jacket on the coldest polar bear run.
Enjoying the scenery

And now for some short videos...

Video 1: Weatherman

Video 2: No Hands

Video 3: 3 Leaving

Video 4: 4 Arriving

Video 5: The Wind

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