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We had a snow storm last night that dumped anywhere from 0-9 inches of snow. I expected that the snow would be sticking here in PA and it was. The parking lot was still being cleared when I arrived at 10:40 a.m. I came in the car but I estimate that over 100 came on bikes, trikes, and hacks. It was a bit cold. The food inside was FREE and not bad. I liked the chili, rolls, donuts, and coffee. The tables were filled with polar bears resting and eating. There were a few challenges on the road since many cars and trucks were throwing snow off themselves onto other vehicles. I got a giant hit from a fat layer of snow that I saw fly off a passing SUV and come right at me. I held up my left hand because I thought it was going to hit my windshield. It didn't but it made a big noise when it hit my car. It might have knocked me off my trike had I been riding it. I brought two cameras today. I took a lot of videos with my extra camera. They have all been uploaded to YouTube to make them load faster and look better.

Walter Kern
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Here's some chili for you.
The food table - all FREE
Bob in the food area
Brownies too
Rich signs 'em in.

Three wild and crazy guys. They asked for this picture.

Bob mingling, as usual
Hey, don't hit the guy with the camera!
Early bird bears
Winter wonderland
Mascots huddling
Just in case the roads are impassible
Certainly a green vehicle.
Just passing by
Polar bears don't need jackets in 35 degree temperatures.
Gold Wing sentry
Yes, we finally had snow.
Grandpa and his tiny polar bear mascot
Safety in numbers

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Not too many bikes

Video 2: It's a little slick

Video 3: One arrival

Video 4: Lone Harley

Video 5: Two lots

Video 6: How you doin'?

Video 7: Harley parks

Video 8: Two-up Wing departs

Video 9: Music to soothe the soul

Video 10: Maybe a hundred

Video 11: Look out!

Video 12: Some Patriot Riders

Video 13: A hack was just right today

Video 14: A little bit of snow

Video 15: Three snow riders out of the box

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