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No snow but it was cold and windy with the temperature hovering around freezing. I was in the car again. My trike still at Sport Honda getting a new alternator. I also added a voltage gauge to better manage the electrical system. The food inside included chili, corn bread, and coffee. Tasted real good to me just before I went out and took most of these pictures and videos.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Police special
Food entrance
Eyes left
Huddling trikes
Starting to fill the back lot
White bikes rule
Machines meant to be ridden
The Hill
Flight B Sign-in
Ready to go
Oh my aching buns
Looking through the window
View from the Hill

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Right out of the mailbox

Video 2: A little music

Video 3: The food is at this end

Video 4: Some go left, some go right

Video 5: Comin' and goin'

Video 6: Walking through the dealership

Video 7: Quiet motorcycles

Video 8: Orange and orange

Video 9: The back lot

Video 10: Cold and windy

Video 11: One way in and one way out

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