November 12, 2006 - Old Bridge Pictures

Fog and rain over the area today seemed to scare away a few but those who came had a good time.

Thanks to Bill Marion for the first 10 pictures.

Gather round and listen to my stories.
Wing sandwich
Polar Bears ride many different styles of bikes.
I think this rider wants some of the coffee in that thermos.
I don't need no stinking rain gear.
Yes folks, there was a lot of fog today that just wouldn't let up.
Proud Beemer owner
Hmmm, what is this strange bike?
Bill catches me as I arrive late. I was visiting Jane in rehab at HealthSouth in Tinton Falls.
I was riding her trike today to give it some exercise.
The parking lot was not too full when I arrived at noon.
I came across a fellow on a 1990 Honda PC-800. It looked familiar. Yeah, that was Jane's second new bike.
She rode it to Yellowstone in 1993. The current (third) owner recently rode it through Deal's Gap.
There goes that PC-800 heading out.
Our resident DJ. He can usually be found sitting near his bike with his always present coffee thermos.
He has quite a stereo in that trike's trunk.
This bear got a little wet today but he would rather be riding than staying at home.
Not too many conversation groups today. This one was standing under the overhang out of the rain.
Chili and hotdogs for Barbara and Patricia of the Spokes-Women MC.
Glenn and Linda

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