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The temperature was around 50-60 degrees and the sun was out. There were numerous water puddles scattered around the parking lot at the Knights of Columbus. When I arrived at 11:35 the place was packed but I was able to slip my trike into a spot close to the door and right next to the outdoor vendor.

Triking really is FUN.
Chocolate over Black vs Black over Chocolate. Either way looks great.
Sometimes riders just have to park on the gravel or grass next to the marshland.
Hmmm ... No one seems to be interested in motorcycles here.
Funny how rows of motorcycles just seem to happen.
Motorcycles glisten in Lake Columbus
I found these two Harley trikes trying to stay out of sight.
An old Triumph, part of a Polar Bear stable
Really folks, yellow shirts are IN.
Early on, long lines formed at the sign-in tables.
Street scene with bikes parked outside the parking lot
This rider spent quite some time rigging up something.
I was taken by this airbrushed picture.
Don't buy an MP3 unless you want attention. Check out his departure.
Take me to your leader if you want your Polar Bear back.

Video 1: Movin' Out

Video 2: Goin' By

Video 3: Comin' In

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