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It was a beautiful day in the near 70 degree range. The destination was saturated with motorcycles and riders. There were traffic jams with combinations of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles all vying for the available space on Pine Street. As usual, some parked in the field (weeds), including Rosemarie and me.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views

Jane's trike has found a loving home with new owner, Terri Dean, of GWRRA Chapter NJ-D.
Danny Sparks is back.
Danny now has a specially fitted trike.
GWRRA Chapter NJ-D is collecting needed supplies for the NJ Veteran's Memorial Home in Menlo Park, NJ.
This is a special charity supported by the Lady Riders SIG of Chapter NJ-D.
Chapter members will be delivering the supplies after the Polar Bear sign-in today.
You couldn't miss the large collection area for the Veteran's Home.
Yes, the CT riders set up some of my shots.
For a while, it was difficult to find a parking spot.
One of many Polar Bear groups taking in the beautiful weather.
I think Leo is looking for something to keep his trike clean.
Pine Street is temporarily a one-way street.
Some of the neighbors must have thought a parade was going by.
Where's a traffic cop when you need one?
Women riders dominate this circle.
Since Leo can't get out, he poses for Bill Marion.
Bill Marion's shot also caught me taking the previous picture.
Picture courtesy of Bill Marion.
Someone lost a screw.
"I think I see a parking place."
Lady Polar Bear departs for home.
Interesting wooden luggage rack.
New Flight A staff at the sign-in table
Nancy and Rich take a break at the Flight B sign-in table.
Bob helps to sign in a new member.
Some found the parking lot less traveled.
Bags and a Bagger
Dragonflies are neat.
Uh, polar bears are... white? or is this Clifford, the Big Red Dog?
Don't fall asleep yet. You're almost there.
We wanna be in pictures.
Most interesting beard I saw.
That's my trike - off the beaten track.
Two Victories: one from Earth and the other from the new TV show "V"
Another lady Polar Bear group including a Ridley rider.
"Just Bob" back from surgery
Lady rider on a Ridley. Watch video as I follow her.
Tailpipes to remember
GWRRA Polar Bears confer. Jackets were unnecessary today.
A special grave blanket for Jane from the Spokes-Women MC.
Their riders will be placing it on the Old Tennent Cemetery gravesite today.

Video 1: Motorcycles everywhere

Video 2: Just riding by

Video 3: Walking by

Video 4: Four leave

Video 5: Traffic jam

Video 6: Mass exodus

Video 7: Two leave

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