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I arrived early today at 10:30 a.m. It was not too early for GWRRA Chapter NJ-D. They beat me by two minutes and were among the first people there. The weather had been cloudy and somewhat damp in Freehold as I started out. The weather quickly improved and was a good 10 degrees warmer at Port Jervis than in previous years. Huge groups of riders were arriving by 11:45 a.m. and the parking was quite crowded. I had to leave at noon to make a 2 p.m. appointment at Old Man Rafferty's for a GWRRA Thanksgiving dinner. Bill Marion supplied some picture taken after I left. I have a lot of videos today. Recognize yourself?

All videos today have been placed on YouTube to get better quality and fast loading.

I am now on Twitter and you'll find some "tweets" at the end of this page. If you're a Twitter user and want to comment on anything relative to the pictures, please Reply to a tweet.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views

Going up Route 206, I came upon Gold Wing Chapter NJ-D
and saw Jane's old white trike ridden by the Deans.
Ready to make a left turn
Chapter NJ-D arrives at the Cornucopia.
Early arrivals
"It's not easy being green"
Bob starts making his rounds.
Not many here yet
Two yellow Kawasakis help to brighten up the day.
You either love the look of the Victory Vision or you hate it.
I love this black rendition.
Yes, I'm that masked man seen at Lewes, DE.
Prettiest pink mascot seen today
And a trike shall lead them in.
Hmmm ... my buddy said to meet him here. "Just look for a Harley," he said.
View toward the cabins
View as seen by entering riders
This was not a good day for non-motorcyclists to go to the Cornucopia.
Waiting for sign-in to open
Riders wait for Jane's old trike to pull out. See video.
Pooh Bear has arrived.
The groups start arriving.
Ring around the rosie. See video.
hangin' around
A line of bikes waiting to exit onto Route 209.

The following pictures are courtesy of Bill Marion:

New Triumph Scrambler
Old Triumph Tiger
CaptBlack (AKA Superman) with Lois
V-Rod rider
Riders loved to hangout near the entrance to Cornucopia.


Video 1: Early arrivals

Video 2: I'll wait while you turn

Video 3: "Hi Walt"

Video 4: We take over Route 209

Video 5: Huge group arrives at 11:54 a.m.

Video 6: "It's not a typical Polar Bear day"

Video 7: Wait for the beep

Video 8: No more room at the Inn

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