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It was a below freezing day. I arrived early and started taking pictures. After the third picture, my low-battery light came on. Oh, oh. I didn't have a backup. I realized that I needed to go somewhere and get some AA batteries quick. Then I remembered that there is a gas station on premises. Might it have a place to buy batteries? I walked across the parking lot and there next to the gas station was the Schoch Convenience Store. Schoch thinks of everything. I bought new batteries and was back in business again. The results are below in pictures and videos.

Today a local HOG chapter was collecting non-perishables and Polar Bears responded.

Also, Mrs. Schoch kept the soup, chili, cake, and other foods coming. I liked the chili the best.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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After a few wrong turns, he finally got here.
And convenience store too
HOG members announce that Polar Bears have contributed
sufficient non-perishables to take them over the top in their campaign.
Staff members get ready to sign-in Polar Bears.
Beautiful chrome
The hole-in-the-wall crew
Lined up at the sign-in table
Just passing through
Organized chaos
The Schoch mascot on a new Harley trike
The Schoch Christmas tree
Bird's eye view of sign-in
The view from space
Non-perishable goods pile up.
Mrs. Schoch taste-tests her homemade soup.
Bob greets members.

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Parking is easy

Video 2: Two enter

Video 3: Wing waver

Video 4: How you doin'?

Video 5: Tour on a Spyder

Video 6: Seven enter

Video 7: Five enter

Video 8: Here comes the chili, er, soup

Video 9: On a walk for mascots

Video 10: Gassed up and ready

Video 11: A view from above

Video 12: Move 'em out

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