January 21, 2007 - Sir John's Pictures

The temperature was around 20 degrees today with clear skies and no wind. I only had a 22 mile one-way ride but my electrics weren't working and it was a bit uncomfortable.

Lots of people standing around in groups before the sign-in started.
Beemer in black, blue, red, orange, and yellow
Gold Wing 1800 Voyager with nice Polar Bear
Harley, BMW, and Gold Wing marking their territory
I thought this stood out from the crowd.
Another view
Lou getting ready for the long trip back to Jamesburg
Local police checking us out
Must be a good joke in there somewhere.
This Polar Bear must scare a few on the road.
Some groups ride straight in off the road and up the hill...
while other groups make the hard left hand turn.
I guess I had never seen these clear hand shields before. Also, nice view of bikes and water.
Four riders getting ready to go. It sometimes takes awhile.
A few have moved out into position.
I think they are really about ready.
Lone riders leave the fastest. Mack got married this week. Unfortunately Karen had to return to Canada.
The woes of immigration.

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