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Another rainy day! This is supposed to be the Polar Bear season. Even though it's now officially winter, it continues to be more like spring with 58 degree temperatures.

This was our first run to the Sweetwater Casino. It's located in the Pine Barrens in the middle of nowhere right next to the Mullica River. The place is big enough to hold the Polar Bears when we show up in force. They even have motorcycle parking up front on concrete -- this works fine except when the Polar Bears show up.

Most Polar Bears left their yachts at home.
The grand entrance. I expected gambling but found none.
Motorcycle parking for about eight bikes
Normal parking is a la gravel.
The soft rain limited much standing around outside. The food was on a special Polar Bear menu and not bad.
This blue 1800 attracted onlookers.
Arriving BMW. Watch Video 1.
Antler antics
Not much goin' on.
Generally wet and vacant parking lot
Giant turtle sculpture next to entrance
Waiting for summer
View of bikes from the dock area
Raring to go

Video 2: 2-Up Arrival

Video 3: Gold Wing rider arrives

Video 4: 5 Arriving Riders

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