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An update from Jim Conway

Sunday, September 18, 2022


Subject: Announcements, rules and ride schedule for 2022-2023 Riding Season

Sorry for the late notice but I have been very busy this summer. I hope everyone had a great summer and you are ready to see your Polar Bear friends again. I would like to thank Amy La Sorda for her help in running Flight B. It is too long a ride from Louisiana to ask Amy to help Joan every week. Amy did mention that she plans to make a visit on her new Victory during the season. to help Joan.

Hopefully the COVID epidemic is behind us and to that end we will be keeping just one "selfie" rule that everyone seems to like. Rule 06 permits the members to use the "selfie" rule just three times. Due to staffing issues, we will continue to use the expedited sign-in procedures. We will need the members to sign the insurance waiver at their first in-person visit to one of our venues so the process may be a little slow. Since Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Easter are all on Sundays this year, we decided to eliminate one stop so that we can finish before the weather gets too warm. See the schedule so that you get enough chances for the coveted 60 point pins.

Houlihan's in Bridgewater has replaced The Eagles on November 13th. Houlihan's is eager to work with us and we should find a welcoming venue. Please send Charlie or Sal any comments after your visit to this new venue. Our quartermasters are having problems identifying vendors to supply our merchandise in quantities and colors that meets our needs, so they will taking special orders for shirts for delivery by Christmas. Look for further details in the next month.

Members can register for the Polar Bear Grand Tour by contacting me at PBGT2020@gmail.com and you will receive further instructions.

All my best,

im Conway
1 Northumberland Drive
Toms River, NJ 08757

Polar Bear statues depicted on this Web site were part of a private collection by Jane Ann Kern. Jane, my wife of 47 years and Polar Bear rider of her own trike, died August 31, 2008 in an automobile accident.

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