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01. Members can register for the Polar Bear Grand Tour by contacting Jim Conway at PBGT2020@gmail.com and you will receive further instructions.

02. Due to staffing shortages, expedited sign-ins will be available at the scheduled stops. Members should see a staff member for the expedited sign-in procedures. A staff member will make every effort to be at the schedule stops to start sign-ins at 12:00 pm (noon) and end at 1:30 pm.

03. Merchandise sales will continue this season on a special order basis. Our Quartermasters will provide details for ordering in a separate communication and at the early stops.

04. Two (2) points will be awarded for each stop when a motorcycle is ridden to and from scheduled stops and cars will be awarded one (1) point but only three times (save them for bad weather), subject to the alternate provisions of Rule 6.

05. One (1) point will be awarded for each hundred motorcycle miles round trip from your home address. You must use the most direct route. This is on the honor system but the committee reserves the right to challenge and verify any mileage.

06. Due to the popularity of the Selfie Rules, individual members will be permitted to take a selfie at the scheduled stop showing themselves, their bike and signage and forwarding the photo to the staff or emailing it to PBGT2020@gmail.com with their name and round trip mileage. Members will be permitted to visit the scheduled stop within a 5 day window starting the Friday before the assigned date until the Tuesday following the assigned date. The application of this rule can only be used three (3) times during this riding season.

07. A total of thirty (30) points must be accumulated in the season to qual ify for patches and rockers.

08. Extra points: Upon presentation of proof of participation in the Crotona Midnight Run, four points will be awarded. Riding to Daytona and back by motorcycle for speed week will give you six points and earn you two weeks of perfect attendance. Two points will be awarded for attempting to give blood. You don't have to ride a motorcycle to the site where blood is given . If you do, you will also receive regular mileage points but please be careful riding after giving blood. Two points plus mileage to and from the starting destination will be awarded for the participation in Dale's Chilly Chili Run. Two points plus mileage to and from the starting destination will be awarded for the participation in the authorized AMA Dist II sanctioned event at the Dawn Patrol Labor Day Run, on September 3, 2023.

09. There will be a perfect attendance pin. You must make at least thirty points to qualify and ride/drive to all scheduled stops. You will not have to make any of the extra points.

10. All thirty point qualifiers will receive the appropriate patch/rockers and 1st year qualifiers will receive a Polar Bear Grand Tour patch.

11. To encourage more riding after the 30 points are accumulated, two additional awards are available. The first is a Gold Rocker if you get at least 45 points. The second is a pin if you accumulate 60 points.

12. All scheduled stops cancelled will be substituted. Check the website or your email for information.

13. For changes and updates, check the Polar Bear website or your email (if you have provided your email address to the Club officers).

14. Be sure to get a newsletter when published. It may contain updated information, changes, etc. Newsletters also appear on the website.

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