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It was lightly raining when I left Freehold. I had my rainsuit on. I was concerned about the bridge construction and did encounter a lot of special lanes and cones along the way. But I arrived safely and found maybe 25 bikes in the lot. It was about 15 minutes before sign-in. There wasn't any rain while at Bahr's (at least for me). Other places in northern NJ must have had more dangerous roads since very few Polar Bears showed up before noon when I had to leave. The temperature was near 40 degrees.

You can't go home again ... at least not that way.
The Twin Lighthouses reach to the sky in competition with the tall cranes.
Still a lot of talkin' goin' on
No problem finding a place for my trike right next to the road
Dual sports were convenient today.
Our flight leaders continue to be the most photographed.
A request for a picture
No snow, a tiny bit of rain, and decent temperature. Polar Bears, where are you?
Of course, some Polar Bears came without their motorcycles.


Video 1: Arrivals

Video 2: The lone ranger

Video 3: Empty lot

Video 4: Scan the bridge

Video 5: Down, down, down, and down

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