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I arrived about noon. They finally have the access ramp open from 36 north. Down the hill I came to be greeted by a mini-traffic circle at the foot of the ramp. Most cars and bikes were taking it slow trying to get through or around the circle made out of some brick-like material. There were very few bikes here since the rain had started making the roads slick all over New Jersey. Inside, the staff were seated at a table in the lobby instead of the usual cramped quarters in the small side room. A get well card was being signed to send to Keith who had been involved in the bus-motorcycle accident in the Lincoln Tunnel that was recently on the news. Personally, I found the new mini-traffic circle interesting. I wonder how it will be when large groups of riders try to go through it. There was extremely light traffic today.

Watch the videos and observe how riders sometimes take the circle clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise. Geez, an accident in the making for future Polar Bear riders coming to Bahr's. Please be careful!

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Bridge, bay, bird (see it?), and bikes
New bridge kinda ruins the view of the Twin Lighthouses.
A few of the bikes that showed up
6 mascots getting wet in the light rain as they guard the flag
Mascots' owner has been places.
We have rain.
Harley has a wet towel over the instruments and a drenched mascot riding pillion.
Attentive staff help at the sign-in table (this time in the lobby).
Around the new mini-circle and up the ramp to 36 North goes a Polar Bear rider.
Talking bikes
Ready for a quick getaway

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Circle around

Video 2: More of the circle

Video 3: 2 leaving

Video 4: 3 departing

Video 5: Up the hill

Video 6: 1 arrives

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