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The weather was a bit nippy this morning but warmed up nicely for the return trip when the temperature approached 58 degrees. I rode with the GWRRA Chapter NJ-F (F Troop) today and had Rosemarie riding pillion with me. This was her first motorcycle trip in over 30 years, but not her last.

There are nine short videos.

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Women Polar Bear riders face off
Where's Nancy?
Rosemarie, Dan, Mary, Bob, and Joel dine on the roof.
Motorcycles approaching through the brush
Free food! It was excellent!
Dine while you shop for Harleys.
After you dine, you are greeted by more Harleys to buy.
Leo has parked in front of the garage and a truck wants to get out.
Check out this video to see what happens next.
I had to help the guy put the trike one space over by pushing it.
It was a great day to walk back and forth between the parking area and Brian's.
I get requests to take pictures.
That's Gloria of the Motor Maids on the right (see below).
More people wanted to be in the picture with Gloria, second from the left.

Gloria and Leo. Gloria, as also seen in the preceding pictures, is the oldest riding
member of the Motor Maids. She is 84 and has been a member of Motor Maids for 63 years.
Gloria hams it up on the back of Leo's trike.
Heelz, Director of the Shore Riders Chapter of Women in the Wind, is shown on the left
with two more members of WITW. Surrounding Leo are four members of the Motor Maids
with Gloria left of Leo.

Looks a little like the scene I saw in San Diego with illegals slipping over the border.
I love the positioning of these bikes waiting to be allowed to leave.
Sorry, no more room for chrome.
Obviously Dan and Mary's bike. A little penguin told me.
We park where we want to.
Chopper with ape hangers. See video.
Well appointed Sporty

Looks like an old Indian
... with fancy tank decoration
... and special handcrafted leather bags
... and dig that flowing fender
... Whoops, it's a recent special edition.

The view from the second floor
Rosemarie and Walt


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