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This was the annual Polar Bear Grand Tour Toy Run. Toys and money were donated to the Valerie Fund. Since we had a rainy day, the response was less than desired. I got pictures of most all the bikes that were there when I was. Only one brief video today.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Temporary respite from the rain
BMW and Harley
The main thing was to bring gifts
3 Hondas
Wing and BMW
3 Wings
Toys for the children
Classic beauty
Rode from Edison

NOTE: Since our December 12, 2010 toy run had a low turnout because of the unexpected rain, we are offering you another chance to brighten the lives of children in the hospital. These kids need toys all year so we want you to bring toys to the Pic-A-Lilli run on February 13, 2011. This run is close to Bob Hartpence's house so he will make arrangements to have a truck there. If you did bring your toy but would like to bring another one, we would be very grateful. If you want to know where your toys go check out this link.

YouTube Video:

Video 1: Not a lot of bikes today

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