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Special Note: For those who missed my special note last week, there is a Member Letter on page 9 of the December, 2013 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine (AMA publication) about Leo Chlebnikow. (That's our "Leo.") Check it out if you are an AMA member. Here's an excerpt:

"A Life Member of the AMA, he's been riding motorcycles since he was 16 and still does. Weather permitting, rides every Sunday. Besides enjoying riding, he has given instructions to hundreds of bikers, including our whole family... He traded in two for three wheels a few years ago, and the back of his trike says, 'Recycled Teenager.'

Dad turns 98 this January, and we wanted to wish him a special Happy Birthday." -- Bev and Johann Schneider, letter in American Motorcyclist

Happy Birthday Leo!

I'm currently in Florida so I did not make it to this run.

This run was to The Cabin in Freehold, NJ on December 8, 2013.

This was the annual Toy Run to bring Christmas gifts for the Children's Hospital.

Dave Thompson, today's main photographer, says that it was 32 degrees and cloudy.

Unfortunately, getting home appears to have been a problem for some, including Dave.

We also got some pictures from Buck's County HOG. They got snow.

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The Cabin
Early arrivals with toys
So many places to park
... with toys
Early toy table
Bob keeps moving.
Plenty rode. But the weather may be changing.
The toy table is filling.
Jim and Joan
The toy table continues to grow high with toys.
Table lunch
Bar lunch
Toy room lunch
Pat and John handle lunch and sign-in.
Bob always makes himself useful.

Now we have pictures of a few of our most intrepid riders who know how to ride a motorcycle in the snow:

"Stuck on Parkway in a snow storm and can not move." -- Dave
"Still stuck in snow storm. Got off parkway at Pemberton stuck at wawa parkway is ice and snow. 67 miles from home and no motels close by. This is true polar bear riding." -- Dave

From Buck's County HOG:

Stay calm.
Wait for a break.
Arrive home safely.
Buck's County HOG with Bob

More Pictures from the 2013-2014 Season

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