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We had a rain storm last night that carried over to today. It was just sprinkling at home but more heavy rain and fog started near Morristown. Some saw snow but not me. Temperature was near 40 degrees. The attendance was low today.

Six short videos are included.

Staff up front
Anything you can do, I can do better
Under the overhang
I wonder how long till the rider returns
Ya gots to protect the equipment
The rain thingies
Future polar bear checks out the scene
The loneliest bike
BMW R60/5 with sidecar
I WILL be seen!
Not a whole lot of signing in goin' on

The center of attention
Read all about the car
"The King"

Well, Easter is coming.
Ready for a quick getaway


Video 1: Singing and Dancing Bunny

Video 2: I take a walk inside

Video 3: I take a walk outside

Video 4: 3 arrive

Video 5: 3 arrive from the other direction

Video 6: Back to Route 15

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