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It was damp, overcast, and cold when I departed from Freehold to head north to the Chatterbox. As I got within 20 miles of the place, the sky brightened, the sun came out, and the temperature rose 10-20 degrees. It was a good day and a large turnout of bikes occurred. We even had an Internet radio show going on inside with the program distributed to the outdoor speakers. Bob Hartpence was interviewed on the radio.

By the way, I had a chocolate milk shake and a bowl of chili. Their chili -- in my opinion -- is the best in the world.

Kevin holds up a piece of cheap 4X8 wall panel that he ran through on Route 80
at the last Polar Bear run. On my Motorcycle Views forum, he discusses the accident.
Standing and talking was the order of the day.
A beautiful new stock Harley Tri-Glide trike.
This is Doc South from Time Travel is Possible Internet Radio. Here I talk to the DJ.

This was a busy corner with the sign-in, the selling of chocolate at the end
where Bob and members of the Spokes-Women are shown and the DJ
immediately behind sign-in.
There's always an automotive display in the center of the Chatterbox.
Your wife called. She said, "Bring home chocolate."
That's about the long and short of it.
Now this is a great looking Suzuki Boulevard C50 trike.
Bikes and people everywhere.
You don't see a bike like this every day.
Line 'em up and move 'em out.
Could this be the flying sidecar? - See video.
Lonnie and son. She looks too young.
Doc South interviewing Bob on Internet radio.
Doc South asks Bob another question.
Another Harley Tri-Glide trike
Bob, left, moves from group to group.


Video 1: Walking the circle

Video 2: DJ talks about the Polar Bears

Video 3: I talk about the weather

Video 4: Listen to the quiet stock Harley Tri-Glide

Video 5: I walk the restaurant

Video 6: Bob is on the radio (unintelligible)

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