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Here are some pictures from the first riding event of the Polar Bear Grand Tour for the 2007-2008 season.

This was the first non-rainy day for awhile. Winds were apparent and temperatures were in the high 50s.

My group encountered a very bad accident on the Garden State Parkway on the way down to Cape May. I believe it was just before the Toms River toll plaza. Traffic was halted in both directions of the Parkway while rescue helicopters landed and transported the injured. We were within 100 yards of the accident and many people got out of their cars and off their motorcycles to observe. I took a few pictures.

There were a few riders in costume today. Halloween is coming.

The accident involved several cars. A rescue helicopter was just on the other side of the trees parked in the middle of the northbound lanes. A second helicopter was circling and shortly was to land just ahead of this scene in the middle of the southbound lanes.
The second helicopter landing.
Helicopter on the ground
More people out of their cars to take a look.
Closeup of the helicopter at the closest point allowed by police.
Working to free victims
Helicopter parked on northbound lanes
The view back up the road to where our bikes are parked. The backup beyond us was several miles.
Nancy, Jane, and Barbara wait for the signal to return to their bikes. Nancy and Barbara (in costume) are new Polar Bear members.
Helicopter that was parked in northbound lanes is now airborne.

Cape May street scene at 12:30 p.m.
As usual, lots of groups formed.
Harley that's been to Sturgis three times
I've got gadgets and leather too.
A row of Harleys gets admiring glances
New member Barbara strikes a pose with new member Mike

Clyde seeking buying advice from Lenny
Now this is one bad trike!
I think this baby has power to do a wheelie
Other side of trike
Owner had a big crowd around him as he talked about the Cheetah. Check out this video.
There were a lot of scary riders today. This was one of the best.

Three Bikes Moving Out - Video

More Pictures from the 2007-2008 Season

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