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First off I have to thank all of you who have supported me since the tragic death of my wife, Jane Ann Kern, on August 31, 2008. She died in an automobile accident on the way to the Outer Banks with two of her girl friends. They survived. Jane and I were married for 47 years. Jane's picture will remain on the main picture page until the Old Bridge run.

Here are some pictures from the first riding event of the Polar Bear Grand Tour for the 2008-2009 season.

Jane's trike out on a memorial ride. "No-Rain Jane" gave us all a spectacular, sunny day.
The view up the street from where I parked
Yes, Polar Bears can ride Piaggio MP3 scooters too and run them 80 mph.
By the way, this rider cut his thumb on something sharp on the MP3 and
I just happened to have a bandaid in my pocket.
See video

Greg and Carol off their trike
Pretty darn nice!
The view down the street
I love running into the Spokes-Women
Saw this last year and certainly Halloween appropriate.
20 of my good friends from GWRRA Chapter F (F-Troop) accompanied me today.
Jerry and Blondie work on something with help from a giant tiger
who came along for the ride.
F-Troopers waiting around in the sun while I finish taking pictures.
Greg and Carol back on their trike
I'll be displaying a picture of Jane and her trike during this year's Polar Bear season.
I'm also giving out cards that describe the Jane Ann Kern Memorial Website I created.
That site allows you to donate to any of Jane's three most favorite charities.


Video 1: Lots of Harley movement

Video 2: Street scenes

Video 3: Specialty trikes depart

Video 4: Throaty exhaust

More Pictures from the 2008-2009 Season

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