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I didn't make it down to Cape May but many did as these pictures attest. Thanks to John Bittner, Rob from advrider.com, and Johnnydale Bowlan for providing these great shots. The captions are mine.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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The following three pictures are courtesy of John M. Bittner.

What snow?
Just another 45 feet and I'll be in the clear.
See, I made it.

The following 10 pictures are courtesy of Rob of advrider.com.

Hey, it's still fall down here in Cape May.
Street scene
Parking is not a problem.
Scooters are cool.
We guard the duckie.
Let's all give Halloween a big hand!
There's that duck again.
Just passin' by with my duck.
I have to hold on tight when we're going 150.
This F800 has my coloring.

The following 6 pictures are courtesy of Johnnydale Bowlan of the Connecticut riders. John says: We arrived about 12:30, a little late for us from CT. The ride down was slow from CT to GWB with a detour through part of the Bronx. The I95 part was closed. But once we crossed over the GWB, the roads cleared and the traveling was better. The crowd was light so we signed in and went for lunch.

Time to eat
Bob knows where to find the best help
Connecticut is here. Why am I not surprised.
A little road salt is good for the soul.
Taking a break from picking up leaves
The street about 12:30 p.m.

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