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This was our first time coming down to Daddy O's in Brant Beach, NJ. It was an easy drive (no trike today) down Route 18 to the GSP and over Route 72 to Long Beach Blvd. Daddy O's has a great location right between the ocean and the bay. It's a winner. Rosemarie and I even took in the snowy beach as you'll see in pictures and a video. There was some wind, temperature near 37 degrees, and blue skies.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Our new destination
First line of bikes

I took some pictures of men with bikes:

Bob making the rounds
View from inside the side window of Daddy O's
Not really starting a new row. Just a temporary park.
Standing tall
Nice wind deflectors
Parked for a quick getaway

I took some pictures of riders ready to go:

I line up Jim, Natalie, and Leo at my table
Rosemarie and I took a walk to the ocean, one block from Daddy O's.
This is the shot looking back at Daddy O's.
Immediately turning around, I took this shot
of Rosemarie on the beach.
The snow, sand, surf, water, and sky in all its beauty in late January
Rosemarie loved this view. Take your own look
the next time you come to Daddy O's. See Video

YouTube Videos:

Video 1: Arriving bike with Daddy O's in background

Video 2: The fine sound of two Harleys

Video 3: Arrivals as Bob and I talk

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