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We had a hot spell today with temperatures maxing out around 70 degrees. However, the wind was fierce and it moved the bikes around a bit.

I started the day with the last meeting of the year for GWRRA NJ-F (F-Troop).
Is anyone here? I was the first, it appears but buddy, Dan, is just now arriving.
After the meeting a six-pack of us headed for Vineland and the 5 Points Inn.
At Vineland, it was pleasant but windy.
Use your imagination on this one.
"Son, back in the olden days, you could even see the engine on our Gold Wings."
I'm still waitin' for the time I come to this place and find that Lake De Thomasi has been drained.
Brightest mascot of the day
This one catches your attention even across the parking lot.
First I thought they were waiting for a bus. Then thought maybe they were just staying out of the wind.
There was a nice buffet today for $10.
My riding buddies for the day decided to eat here. After all, we had breakfast two hours ago.
Blondie bucked the trend and only had a soda. And what is that thing on her head?
Go Jersey Girl!
Forming up across the road. See video.
Dead End
Last picture. My six-pack is ready to ride.

Video 1: Harley moves out.

Video 2: Group moves out. Listen to the wind.

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