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I am in NJ today. I had triple bypass surgery on October 4th. Three strokes caused some vision problems that have greatly slowed me down in producing this web page. I will probably have to greatly limit the number of pictures.

The run today was to The De Thomasi's East 5 Points Inn, Vineland, NJ, on Nov 17, 2019.

It was the fourth run of the 2019-2020 season.

Guest photographers today were Dave Thompson, Gary Rose, and Bernie Walshn.

—Walter F. Kern

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The following YouTube Videos courtesy of Dave Thompson:

The following pictures courtesy of Dave Thompson:

The following pictures courtesy of Bernie Walsh:

The following pictures courtesy of Gary Rosen:

In case you missed the videos by Dave, here they are again:

Note: We now have a special picture gallery on this website. It's strictly for Polar Bear Grand Tour riders. Send me a picture of your motorcycle and yourself and get included in the gallery.

If you see any of our photographers, Bernie Walsh, Dave Thompson, or Gary Rosen, taking pictures, tell them you'd like to have your picture taken for the Polar Bear Picture Gallery. They will tell me which photos are also for the gallery. It will be up to you to contact me with information on year, make, model, and a short description along with your name.

Check out Polar Bear Grand Tour Motorcycle Riders for more details on how to submit your picture.

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More Pictures from the 2019-2020 Season

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