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Thanks to the Connecticut riders, especially Johnnydale Bowlan, and John Zerbe for contributing pictures when I was away in Florida for two Sundays this season.

Here are some pictures taken at the Polar Bear Dinner held in Old Bridge. I tried to get a picture of every bike parked outside. Sorry if I missed you.

We were entertained this evening by Henry Carlyle.

Walter Kern
Motorcycle Views
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Dinner inside
Polar Bear rider and Motor Maid too
Drink line
Leo's not driving tonight.
Our fabulous DJs
Rich is here.
The line for salad and bread
Bob and Debbie confer
Henry Carlyle then entertained us.
Slight of hand, card tricks, mentalism, and more. Henry had it all in a great family show.

Now that the Polar Bear Grand Tour has completed its 2010-2011 riding season, be extra careful when you put your bike away for the summer. Read Bob's End of Season Tips.

See you in Cape May for the beginning of the 2011-2012 Polar Bear Grand Tour.

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