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I rode with fellow GWRRA F-Troop members from our monthly gathering in Freehold. The temperatures were in the range 10-20 degrees going up and around 28 degrees coming back. The sky was clear and there was practically no wind but it was cold. There was a good turnout with many riders coming early. When I got home, it took me awhile to get warmed up. The fireplace and some chicken noodle soup helped.

Setting up for the shot
Blondie's bike never met a piece of chrome it didn't like.
The cars on Main Street were slowed because of all the bikes.
Unless you liked slanting parking lots, most parked in the street.
Although there isn't much snow south of the Raritan, it still exists here.
Most F-Troop bikes parked across the street.
Groups were everywhere despite the cold.
Either they're waving or they don't want their picture taken.
Now there's something to keep your pillion rider awake.
Most colorful winter outfit seen on a lady polar bear rider.
An excellent choice for today's weather.
Yosemite Sam is here. Check out this clip.
Bob was happy with the turnout today.
Polar Bears talk in the side lot.
Ready to leave
Many signed in early today and got back on the road.


Video 1: Looking for parking

Video 2: Just listening in

Video 3: Backing in

Video 4: Two leaving

Video 5: Group going into side lot

Video 6: Watch out for the fence

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